Hi Eric,

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the warmth and kindness you've shown Hudson during his difficult transition into the pool. Your patience and humor (and PATIENCE, oh did I mention, patience) were critical and if it weren't for YOU, he would not have been in the pool today.

Hudson's progress is thanks to you and I just wanted to tell you how amazing you and your team really are.
I am grateful that you didn't give up on him and I'm sure he will grow to love his new found swimming lessons!!!
We love the new pool facility!

Christian, my other son, loves his teacher and can't believe how much he's learning.
So again, I thank you and look forward to many more lessons (and less tears!)
See you on Wed.

- Karen, Stef, Hudson and Christian

When we enrolled our daughter at Shendy's Swim School she was anxious about swimming lessons and going into the water. 4 years later she is thriving in the pool, loves swimming and looks forward to her Wednesday nights at Shendy's. As parents we appreciate the small classes, caring instructors, on-going feedback and fun atmosphere. We are looking forward to the new facility and we wish Eric and his crew good luck in the future!

- Lorraine and Kelly

Dear Eric and The Shendy's Gang -

As you know Ben has been going to Shendy's for the last eight years starting in your swim school as a "little guy" at the age of five. Time has certainly flown by with many proud moments in the pool. I wanted to share with you a moment that happened outside of the pool but definitely came from a Shendy's lesson learned well.

In early spring Ben and a classmate signed themselves out from school to spend some time at a local park to eat their lunch and enjoy the fresh air. As the saying goes "boys will be boys" and sure enough Ben's new friend decided to jump off of a moving swing. Without missing a beat - Ben went into action. The first thing he did was to assess the boy's condition and immediately call 911. He stayed on the phone with the paramedics and cleared the area of all other students who had gathered around. Ben felt it was very important to keep the injured boy calm and in an uncrowned environment. Ben noticed the boys' wrist bone had popped out of place and that he had gone into shock. He reassured the boy that everything would be fine and to stay calm, all while staying calm himself. Ben's next step was to call the school to inform them of the accident, their location and that an ambulance was on route. The boy ended up in hospital and had a broken wrist. I only found out what had gone on that afternoon because I had called Ben to confirm some afterschool arrangements. The school secretary was bursting to tell me what had happened - they are very proud of him and so are we.

The skills he is currently learning and now using in your bronze medallion and bronze cross classes are nothing short of positive and obviously valuable. His instructor Mike has always been very accommodating and a great part of your team. We cannot wait to see how our son will continue to inspire others and use these lessons in his life.

- Michelle and Marvin Hoppe

I did extensive research when registering my LO for swim classes (Mommy & Tot), and I am SO glad I registered at Shendy's; as they were the obvious top choice. We have been taking classes for a year now and could not be happier. Shendy and his team are so friendly and true experts in their field. I highly recommend them to other families.
- Christie Lazo
My Son is 10 months old and thinks Shendy's Swim Centre is amazing. It is his first swimming experience and Eric provides one on one time a monks the group lessons. It was important to us that he has the best instruction, encouraging further lessons. Eric is the God Father in everything swim. Thank you Shendy's, see you next session!!
- Jason Kaufman
We absolutely love Shendy's. They are busy and that is proof they are doing something right. The staff is very energetic and friendly, facilities are clean and we are happy with our daughter's progress..
- Calin Ardeleanu